These limited edition photographs are printed on metal, using the highest quality dye sublimation process.  Unlike traditional printing on the surface which may damage easily, the dye sublimation process infuses the image directly into the hard coating to provide lasting durability and protection.  The limited edition is available in the sizes noted, at the prices indicated, until the total size of the edition has been filled. Prices may increase based on how much of the edition has been sold. 


Send email to expressing your interest.


All images are copyrighted and use or reproduction in any form is prohibited.




The Cows Still Live During the Earth's Upheaval  16x20  $435  Limited Edition of 108



Namaskard, Iceland   18x12   $265   Limited edition 108



Ghost Ship   18x12   $265    Limited Edition of 108



Whakarewarewa, New Zealand Boiling Geysers   

16x16   $285   Limited Edition of 108



Duck Swirl   16x16   $285    Limited Edition of 108



Leaves Change of Color   12x18   $265    Limited Edition of 108



Venice Canal   12x18   $265    Limited Edition of 108



Galapagos Neighborhood   12x18   $265    Limited Edition of 108



Demoiselle Cranes   12x24   $285    Limited Edition of 108



Sunstream Through Mountain Waters   12x18   $265   Limited Edition 108



Burst of Joy   36x24    $1050   Limited Edition of 108



Wings of Paradise   20x24  $480   Limited Edition 108



The Sea and Sky Meet the Crystal on the Land  16x16  $285  Limited Edition 108



Icelandic Sunset  11x14   $220   Limited Edition 108

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