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                                             Washing Clothes                                                                                                     The Joy of Fish Cleaning


                                          Construction Workers                                                                                            Floor laying in Sawai Madhophur

                                                                      On A Wall In Ranthambore


                                     Son of a Rubber Tree Tapper                                                                                                   Childhood



                                                        A View from Above


                                               Bewjeweled Angel                                                                                                          Flower Child


                                                    Nearly Grown                                                                                                                 Cools Kid


                                                                                                            Saris and Bedspreads


                                     From Silkworm to Silk Thread                                                                                                      Weaver

                                                       Tailor                                                                                                                   Street Seamstress

                                                  Cotton Mill                                                                                                               Carpet Trimming


                                         Painting Udaipur                                                                                                                  Tiger Painting

                                                 Ritual                                                                                                                            Prayer


                                             Fortune Teller                                                                                              Meditation (Durgiana Temple) Punjab


                                              Snake Charmer                                                                                                           Meditation - Deer Park/Sarnath


              Golden Temple (Amritsar)                                                  Golden Temple Guard                                                Punjabi Guard at Pakistan Border


                                       Desert Serenade at Dusk                                                                                    Camel Camp, Thar Desert, Rajasthan


                                          Community Smoke                                                                                                        A Rajasthan Smoke


                       In Rajasthan                                                                         Rajasthani                                                        Man in Gray Suit at Temple


                  Desert Dwelling                                                                  A Man and His Goat                                                       Desert Modesty


                                                                                                       Life Lessons on the Stoop


            3 Generations on the Stoop                                                           On the Threshold


            A Good Shopping Day                                                                                                        Jasailmer Jewelry Seller


                       Grandma                                                                                                                    Pregnant Woman at Rice Fields with Cows


                                                                                                                   3 Musketeers


                             Reflections on Music                                                                                                                  Lake Palace Dancer

                                                                                                                     The Bath


                                                                                                                 Camel Diesel Stop

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