With Bengal Tiger 36x48  $1800


Dawn Fishing 24x48  SOLD


Rajasthani Camel 18x36  $1275


Lotus 24x24  $585


Gehry 11x14  $360


Bamboo Forest 22x28  $440


Thai Village $330


Working the Bamboo $330

Hat in Chinese Village 24x18  $440


Cote d'Azur 12x16  $375


Venetian Canal 18x24 $585

Jordan Lake Sunset  SOLD


The Golden Leaf 18x36 2008 NC State Fair Juried Art Show, Professional Division  $775


A Quiet Place 24x18  $375


Tuscan Study 6x24  SOLD


Morrocan Expanse 30x40  $440

Vietnamese Lily Pads in Summer Rain 11x14  $180


Bird of Paradise 8x8  $120


Cezanne's Quarry 12x16  $360


                                         Beach Bikes 22x28  $440

                                                                                                                                                                                     Russian Winter $440

North Hills Afternoon  SOLD



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