With Bengal Tiger 36x48


Dawn Fishing 24x48


Rajasthani Camel 18x36


Lotus 24x24


Gehry 11x14


China Bamboo 22x28


Thai Village


Work Cart and Bamboo


Hat in Chinese Village


Cote d'Azur 12x16


Venetian Canal 18x24


Jordan Lake Sunset


The Golden Leaf 18x36 2008 NC State Fair Juried Art Show, Professional Division


Lake Louise


Tuscan Study 6x24


Morrocan Expanse 12x16


Vietnamese Lily Pads in Summer Rain 11x14


Bird of Paradise 8x8


Cezanne's Quarry 12x16


                                         Beach Bikes 22x28

                                                                                                                                                                                     Russian Winter 22x28



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