China Sounds 24x18


<<                                                                                                          Woman at Vanity 20x26

Reverie 20x20


Untitled 18x24

Casablanca Philosophers 30x40                                                                                                     Laying the Ground 24x36

                                                                                                                     Inside 24x24


Chocolate Cake 11x14


Max & Jake 9x12

                   Children's Horizon 24x36                                                                                            Soft Light on the Hard 12x12


Pegasus 36x48


My Bird 16x20                                                                                                                             Forest 16x20

Demoiselle Cranes 10x30


Sister Care 1 16x20                                                                                                  Sister Care 2 16x20


                                                                                                              Pelican & Co 10x10

                                                                                                                   Whichever 12x16

                                                                                                                    Duck Swirl 16x16

                                                                                                               Lost In Armenia 12x16

                                                                                                                   Poolside 12x16

Rice = Life 16x20                                                                                                                                 Pink Glow 16x20


                          Meditation on Leaves 16x20                                                                                                    Martini Legs 30x24


On a Bhutanese Porch 24x36                                                                                               Rajasthani Smoke 16x20


Monk 14x18


In the Eyes of Fish 9x12



Sea Lions at Milford Sound


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